Text Box: Faithful Navigator Dan Quinn presents Family of the Month Award to SK Jesse Barrios

Communion Sunday

Communion Sunday is scheduled for April 29 at the 9:30 AM Mass.  Assembly By-Laws require the Assembly set aside at least one Sunday each year for the purpose of attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion in a body. All Sir Knights and wives are invited.  Please wear your Fourth Degree Assembly shirt. Following Mass, the membership will partake in a taco breakfast in the Pavilion.  The breakfast is free.


Good Friday

Thank you to all who participated in the Turnout for the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday. This year marked a significant change in dress protocol as the Uniform of the Day was the black Assembly shirt versus Social or Colors Corps Regalia. A total of 28 Sir Knights, over twenty percent of the membership, carried the Cross and assisted parishioners during the Good Friday Service. The participation of this many Sir Knights demonstrated a commitment to the principles of Unity and Fraternity and displayed the Assembly’s support for Holy Trinity and our fellow Parishioners.   Thank you for your participation!


Upcoming District Events

· The District’s next Exemplification at St Pius X on Saturday, June 30.

· The District Military and Scholarship Ball at St Thomas More Church on Saturday, July 7.

· Installation of District Masters at Holy Trinity Church on Saturday, August 25.


Vivat Jesus

Knights of Columbus Assembly 3191

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

20523 Huebner Rd.

San Antonio, Texas 78247


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Knights of Columbus Assembly 3191


Updated 04/22/2018

Holy Trinity Assembly 3191 Newsletter ---March 2018  in PDF Format

 Holy Trinity Assembly 3191

Newsletter --- September 2017

The monthly Assembly Meeting was held Tuesday, March 20, 2018. FORTY TWO Sir Knights attended the meeting. This level of participation by the members continues to set a new standard for meeting attendance and participation. Three new Honorary Life Members were recognized. Sir Knight John Corbisero (SK John was unable to attend the meeting), Sir Knight Jesse Martin, and Sir Knight Roger Pastrano.

Assembly Supports Major Degree

Written by SK Bruce Miketinac and Edited by Dan Quinn


On March 24, 2018 our Brothers in Council 9967 hosted a Major Degree Ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. As always the Assembly supported our Council Brothers and assisted them in one of the most important advancement functions for a member of the Knights of Columbus. A total of 105 Brothers were advanced to the 3rd Degree from various councils throughout the San Antonio area and we were proud to have assisted in this most important function.

The ceremony began with a turn-out of Sir Knights led by Sir Knight Roger Pastrano, carrying the US Flag and assisted by District Marshall JD Ramirez, led the procession of candidates from the Holy Trinity Banquet Hall to the Sanctuary of Holy Trinity Church for Mass. Holy Trinity Pastor and Faithful Friar Monsignor Mike Yarbrough celebrated the Mass for candidates, guests and Brother Knights. Upon completion of Mass, the candidates returned to the Banquet Hall to begin the Major Degree Ceremony conducted by the Knights of Columbus Degree Team under the direction of SK Ricardo Moreno. Upon completion of the ceremony, SK Mark Gerhart prepared another of his fantastic meals including Italian Ribs with all the trimmings. Over 160 Knights and guests were served at the meal. The support received from the Council and the Assembly was fantastic. Over 40 Knights from Holy Trinity turned out and participated in making this a most memorable experience for the candidates as well as Holy Trinity. Thank you to all who participated in this event. The efforts put forth by the Knights of our Assembly and Council makes one proud to be a Knight.

Sir Knight Roger Pastrano with the US Flag leads the Assembly Color Corps and Major Degree Candidates to Mass

Faithful Friar Mike Yarbrough leads the candidates after Mass