Sir Knights Walk

The Holy Trinity Sir Knights Walk was completed on May 26, 2017.
It was Blessed and Dedicated in a special ceremony on


NEWS FLASH!!!!-----The installation of the Knight’s walk Memorial was completed on May 26. Sir Knight Doug Stolo orchestrated this project. Working with Alamo Pavers, the memorial was installed between the Church and the Faith Formation Building. Planning for the memorial has been underway  for several months. Our member’s suggestions proved invaluable and were incorporated into the execution of this project. The Assembly’s fund raising was stellar and demonstrated the generosity of our members as well as their enthusiastic commitment to this endeavor.


A Dedication Ceremony of Sir Knights Walk took place on the grounds of Holy Trinity Parish, located in north central San Antonio, on a warm summer evening on July 26, 2017. Sir Knights Walk is a Memorial for Sir Knights of Holy Trinity Assembly who have passed away. Faithful Navigator Dan Quinn served as Master of Ceremony and was assisted by Sir Knights Doug Stolo and Mike Wells. Guests of Honor included five of the six wives of the Assembly’s deceased members.